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Ready Mix Concrete

Elton’s Ready Mix Concrete offers a wide range of freshly prepared ready mix concrete, delivered to your site. Our mix designs range from 10 MPa to 60 MPa. We do Standard Mix (75 to 100mm slump), Pumpable mixes, Swimming pool mixes, No fines concrete, Reinforced concrete, and Screed mixes.

Elton ready mix concrete has the skills and capability to design and supply any special mixes that may be required from our clients. We only make use of superior raw materials in our production mixes to ensure that high quality concrete is produced and delivered to you as per our promise.

Making use of Elton ready mix concrete gives our customers a highly competitive edge in the construction marketplace. Our team of highly qualified engineers and experienced concrete specialists differentiate us from our competitors. Elton ready mix strong agility and ZERO red tapes ensure that we offer solutions that save our customers money.

Elton ready mix concrete only make use SANS 878 compliant raw materials, computerized batch-weighing systems, and quality control techniques to give that quality assurance our customers need.

At Ermc, we control every variable such as compressive strength, workability, proportioning of ingredients, water-cement ratio, and slump then we mold as per the requirement of the project.

Key Benefits

Using Ermc’s ready mix concrete means you will be getting a significant speed up on the construction process courtesy of our highly improved and quality of the materials used. The use of high-tech equipment, finished products and raw materials provide a constant quality standard that you’ve never seen before.

At Ermc, better handling and a proper mixing practice helps us to reduce the consumption of cement by 10-12%. Our ready-mix concrete is prepared in fixed quantities and in a measured manner which ensure quality finished  product. This  also reduces the risk of faltering at some measurements which ends up harming the mixture overall.

One of our primary goals at Ermc is providing the best quality ready-mix concrete within the needed time frame to the customers regardless of the quantity being big or small. Our ready mix concrete is of great convenience for construction sites and any building projects that are situated in or near congested localities and secluded areas.

With the guarantee of structural durability, higher service life and reliable structure strength, Ermc’s ready mix concrete is a promising product for housing as well as business construction projects.

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